Are FSBO Prospects Worth Your Time?

The headline of this blog post is a bit provocative because it suggests that FSBO prospects are not worth your time–which, for the most part, is far from the truth.

Many real estate agents and Realtors have preconceived notions about FSBO property sellers as a group, but the fact of the matter is this: People trying to sell their own home are as diverse of a target group as any other segment of the marketplace. Naturally, some FSBO prospects are going to stubbornly cling to their misconceptions about the value–or lack, thereof–of hiring a real estate professional to help them market their home. Fortunately, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of other home sellers in your real estate farming area who are more open minded and simply need to be educated about the advantages of working with a knowledgeable real estate pro.

Sometimes sending one or two personalized marketing letters, real estate postcards, or e-mails to FSBOs can help lower their sales resistance and persuade them to sign on with you. Many prospects who have convinced themselves that they can save money by marketing their own home don’t realize the many pitfalls of a DIY approach:

  • There’s a strong likelihood that they’ll either price their home too high or too low, both of which are losing propositions for them.
  • They don’t have the sales and marketing ability that you as a real estate professional bring to the table, so they’ll miss out on a lot of sales opportunities. Then, of course, there are those all-important real estate negotiating skills that a real estate agent or Realtor can provide.
  • Most FSBO home sellers will  overlook crucial aspects of successful real estate marketing, such as effective home staging, distributing professional-looking real estate flyers, and following up with potential buyers.

I could come up with a much longer list of advantages of using a real estate professional to market a home, but then I’d just be preaching to the choir, wouldn’t I?

One marketing tool which can help ease the process of convincing FSBO prospects to sign on with you is a set of real estate marketing templates available from a website I’m affiliated with. Included in this collection of 300 marketing letter templates  are dozens of prospecting letter examples that focus on the advantages of using a real estate professional to market homes. The real estate marketing kit also contains 22 templates specifically written to a FSBO target audience.


Dominate Your Local Market*


Winning over FSBO prospects often comes down to timing, establishing rapport, or presenting them with a compelling case for rethinking their DIY strategy. In addition to clearly and succinctly listing reasons for using your real estate marketing services, it’s also vitally important to convey a sincere sense of optimism, a belief in yourself, and a proactive attitude towards real estate marketing. After all, nothing succeeds like success.

Sticky Believe In Yourself
Sticky Believe In…
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BTW… One of my newer blogs is on the topic of Career Strategies and Interview Questions, which looks at the challenges of marketing your most important product: yourself.

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How to Rise Above the Competition in Real Estate Marketing

Access More Buyers and Sellers Online

A lot of people become real estate agents or Realtors because of the high income potential or they’re looking for a challenging alternative to the typical 8:30-5:00 desk job. While a career in real estate can be very rewarding, it’s not without its bumps and obstacles. One of the hurdles some new real estate agents may not have planned on is having to compete with other agents and Realtors for a finite number of listings and clients.

As you’ve undoubtedly realized, probably early on in the game, it’s essential to stand out among the competition. Although there are dozens of ways to accomplish objectives like achieving high visibility and branding yourself as a real estate agent that gets results, here is a handful of real estate marketing ideas to consider as you formulate your real estate marketing plan.

  1. Creating awareness: Two guiding principles to remember on a daily basis are “Out of sight, out of mind” and the need to continually achieve “top of mind awareness.” You want the people on your mailing list and in your circle of acquaintances and contacts to think of you first when they’re ready to buy or sell real estate. The second part of that formula is that you want them to perceive you as someone who is friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, proactive, diligent, ethical, and solution-oriented. (Kinda sounds like a boy scout!)
  2. Continuity in marketing: Another crucial idea to keep in mind is the age-old sales principle of making contact multiple times with your prospects before expecting a response. Sometimes it takes a half-a-dozen times or more before their familiarity or comfort level with you is sufficient for them to respond to your offer. Cultivating visibility and name-recognition is a process that, by it’s very nature, is not going to take hold right away. It’s necessary to keep trying, have faith in the process, and always look for ways to improve your results. With that end in mind, a few real estate marketing tools worth including in your real estate marketing plan are professionally written real estate prospecting letters, well-designed real estate marketing flyers, and results-oriented real estate marketing postcards. It’s also vitally important to have a professional-looking website that creates a positive impression and makes it easy for site visitors to find the resources they’re looking for–especially your contact information. [Looking for professional-quality real estate flyer templates? Visit this site which enables you to try before you buy!*]
  3. Real Estate Search Engine Marketing: Being found in the search engines can be a challenging thing for real estate agents and realtors, but it can make a big difference in your ability to generate leads online. One thing to keep in mind is that to rank well on the search engine results pages, your website generally needs to contain the exact words that your prospects are typing into the search engines. In other words, if your prospective clients are typing the words “Kalamazoo real estate agent” into their favorite search engine, then you need to have those words in the content of your website–preferably more than once–if you hope to be listed prominently on the search engine results page. (There are other factors that determine search engine positioning, but making sure to include the right keywords on your web pages and blogs is one of the more important factors.) Search engine optimization (SEO) can be a complex and every-changing aspect of online marketing for real estate agents (and everyone else), but one thing that remains constant is that the words people are searching for need to appear on your website in order for you to be found in searches related to those keywords. That’s one of the methods search engines use to determine whether your web site is a relevant match to what their users are searching for online. One final real estate web site marketing tip worth passing along relates to “duplicate content.” Google, in particular, tends to favor web sites that have original content, so it’s best to avoid using canned or boilerplate information that may be found on other real estate websites.

If you’re interested in additional real estate marketing ideas, strategies, and lead-generation tips, I invite you to bookmark or “follow” this blog. In the right-hand column, there’s a follow button and also an option to be notified via e-mail every time a new article is posted on this blog.

Below are some worthwhile real estate marketing tools and websites I’m affiliated with. Please check them out if you’re looking for real estate e-books, marketing tips, Realtor marketing tools, marketing strategies, and easy-to-use real estate marketing templates.

Realtor marketing flyer tempates    Receive a free real-estate flyer sample
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Real Estate Advertising & Marketing Techniques:

Real Estate Agent Marketing Strategies:
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Real Estate Prospecting Letter Templates:

5_Banners_Project_Details These ready-to-use real estate marketing templates* include Realtor introduction letters, new agent announcement letters, FSBO prospecting letters, short sale prospecting letters, expired listing marketing letters, farm area prospecting letters, open house letters, referral letters, and much more! This unique kit of real estate marketing letters will help increase your productivity, save you valuable time, and open up new opportunities to acquire clients and sell houses. Check out this indispensable collection of real estate letters and helpful tips you can send to your prospects, clients, and referral sources.

Create a Successful Real Estate
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Advanced Sales Techniques:

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Every Real Estate Marketing Plan Should Include This

Since time management is such a crucial aspect of a real estate agent’s productivity, one of the most useful sales tools for real estate professionals is an auto-responder. Actually, it’s more of a marketing tool because sets the stage for future sales rather than being involved in closing sales. It’s something that automatically “captures” the names and email addresses of your website visitors who want to receive your email newsletters, property listing announcements, miscellaneous updates, or email alerts. An auto-responder is a feature that comes with most email marketing services, like Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Aweber, Getresponse, MyEmma, iContact, Fluttermail*, and many others.

email marketing

According to a blogger on, MailChimp is an especially cost-effective email marketing program for beginners. (There are a variety of different pricing plans and levels of complexity, but most email marketing platforms offer similar features.)

Putting an autoresponder on your website involves copying and pasting some simple HTML code onto your website. (Unless you’re a total technophobe, it’s pretty easy.) After you upload that to your site (still easy), it should cause a simple “interactive” form to appear on your website which basically invites people to join your mailing list or sign up for your e-mail newsletter. Then you can create a “welcome to my mailing list” email, which your subscribers should receive immediately, and –here’s the part I like–you can create a series of scheduled emails which can be delivered to your subscribers at any interval you choose–let’s say, once a week. That way, you can automatically stay in “constant contact” with your subscribers without much effort–that is, after you create the initial series of email mailings. (As a side note, you gotta hand it to the Constant Contact people for coming up with that great name for their service!)

All the respectable e-mail marketing services are “permission based”, which means that subscribers need to confirm that they really do want to receive your mailings and that they specifically requested it. Good e-mail marketing services also give subscribers the choice of easily “opting out” of your list at any time.

So other than the slight learning curve involved in using email marketing programs (it’s really not that hard!), the other hurdle is coming up with worthwhile content. Providing your subscribers with valuable content is the key to engaging them, gaining their trust, and building credibility. It’s also essential to minimizing the percentage of subscribers who opt out. Getting back to the theme of time management, one activity you probably don’t want to get bogged down with is researching and writing relevant real estate-oriented articles for home buyers and home sellers. One solution, and a potential approach to creating an effective email marketing campaign, is to intersperse informative articles with real estate marketing letters.

Real Estate Prospecting Letter Templates

A real estate marketing website I’m affiliated with offers a collection of articles and Realtor marketing letter templates you can download and use for $29.95. This real estate agent marketing kit , which consists of 210 articles and 300 sales letter templates, comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee, which I’m confident would be honored if you’re not 100% satisfied. (I’ve been affiliated with the company that sells these professional real estate marketing tools since 2005.) The marketing letter templates in the kit include the following (and there are plenty of others, too):

  1. Introduction letters (12 variations)
  2. Expired listing prospecting letters (19 different choices)
  3. Prospecting letters (8), plus ones for a slow housing market (5)
  4. New agent announcement letters (9 variations)
  5. Short sale prospecting letters (16 of them)
  6. FSBO prospecting letters (22 total letters to choose from)
  7. Farm area prospecting letters (11 different ones)
  8. Referral letters (22 in all)
  9. Thank you letters (15 variations)
  10. Open house letters (7 letters)

Click here to review all the categories and topics featured in this versatile kit of real estate prospecting and marketing letter templates*. (Three free samples of real estate agent letters are available on the site.)


Naturally, in every e-mail you send out, whether it’s informational or sales-oriented, you should always include your contact information and an invitation to call or e-mail you with any questions about buying or selling a home. It’s sort of like the proverbial “drip email campaign” you hear so much about. It can be an effective way to maintain that all-important “top of mind awareness” that can increase your client acquisition success rate.

Real Estate Advertising & Marketing Techniques:

Drive Your Commissions Through the Roof!*

realtor marketing book
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Generate Real Estate Agent Leads With Marketing Letters

Cast a wide net by advertising on Zillow!

Like any real estate marketing strategy, using marketing letters to generate leads produces a range of results. One time it may produce a flurry of leads, and the next time–nothing! However, that could be said of almost any real estate marketing strategy–from making cold calls (Brrrr!) to mailing out real estate marketing postcards. There are a variety of reasons that sending out prospecting letters may not always generate real estate seller leads. Here are a few ideas that may help boost your response rate:

    1. Does your real estate prospecting letter do anything to grab the attention of the recipient? When you’re critiquing your own prospecting letters or those of an associate, ask yourself if it passes the “AIDA” test. (The what test?!) In other words… does it Attract attention, arouse Interest, trigger Desire, and prompt Action? And…does it answer the unspoken questions, “What’s in it for me?” or even “Why should I care?” (Note: If you need some good examples of attention-grabbing headlines and advertising offers that have worked, check out this e-book of advertising ideas.*) One final checkpoint to consider is this: Do your real estate prospecting letters come across as being personalized and localized–OR do they just read like a “canned” form letter? Whatever you can do to tailor them to the demographics of your target audience is to your benefit.
    2. Is there anything in your marketing letter which sounds remotely negative, apologetic, or self-critical? Keep in mind that at this point, you’re at a very delicate stage in the client acquisition process. Sometimes, the smallest negative implication in your letter can cause them to pull back or be dissuaded from picking up the phone.
    3. Are there too many words in your message? To say it in another way: Does your sales letter look too cluttered? Ideally, the appearance of your prospecting letters should look as inviting as possible. However, if it looks, at first glance, like it’s going to be too much “work” to read the darned letter, then a lot of people aren’t going to want to exert the effort. So how do you get around that? Primarily with three things: a liberal amount of “white space”, bullets or numbered points (like in this list), and plenty of paragraphs. Also, avoid saying something in 25 words if you can say the same thing in 15. A concise, conversational approach to sales letter writing is usually always more effective than coming across as verbose, formal, and stilted.
    4. Last, but definitely not least… Make sure you have a couple “calls to action” in your real estate marketing letter. That’s a rule-of-thumb whether you’re crafting an introduction letter, an expired listing prospecting letter, or a request for a referral. Make sure to let them know exactly what you want them to do–what action you want them to take–to respond to your letter. In most cases, that would be a phone call. The old expression “You never know unless you ask,” has been said a gazillion times, but it’s really one of the cornerstones of successful real estate marketing–or anything else for that matter. Sometimes just asking someone to do something, like calling you, passing along a referral to you, or choosing you as their real estate agent, may very well produce the desired results!

Here are some more words of wisdom about trying, failing, and succeeding that may inspire and prompt you to take more action–both in terms of quantity and quality. You might even want to put a couple of these motivational posters on your walls!

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New Real Estate Agent Introduction Letter Tips

Generate leads by advertising on Zillow*

If you’re a new real estate agent in a particular area, one of your first priorities is to gain name recognition in the neighborhoods you’re farming. Writing and sending out a real estate agent introduction letter can be a valuable element of a targeted marketing campaign. To write an effective introduction letter, however, you need to avoid several potential pitfalls. The first hurdle in the process is getting the recipient to open the envelope.

You may have heard this before, but the word “FREE” is one of the most powerful words in the English language–at least from an advertising/marketing perspective. Admit it: Doesn’t the word FREE grab your attention and arouse your interest? In general, people love free stuff, as long as they don’t think there’s “a catch” that comes with it. Printing a promotional “teaser” on the outside of the envelope can help increase the percentage of people who open the envelope and see your introduction letter, business card, and any other enclosures.

What free things can you offer that would be cost-effective and enticing? It may require a little experimentation to find out what would work the best, but here are a few potential promotional blurbs to print, write, or rubber-stamp on the envelope of your new real estate agent introduction letter:

  1. Free calendar enclosed
  2. Free newsletter enclosed
  3. Free home staging tips inside
  4. Free money-saving tips
  5. Free home buying seminar

Once you’ve cleared that first hurdle of getting them to open your prospecting letter or new real estate agent introduction letter, the next step is getting them to read it and/or take some sort of action. The ideal action would be either calling you, sending you an email, or visiting your website, blog, newsletter signup webpage, Facebook page, Pinterest page, Youtube channel, or whatever . Keep in mind that you have to give people a reason to want to do any of those things, so it pays to post useful and compelling content online and to make your prospects aware of it in different ways.

When you’re planning your direct mail campaign for sending out your new real estate agent introduction letter, ask yourself how you can add value to your mailing without adding too much to the cost.

One of your goals in sending out prospecting letters, expired listing letters, and introduction letters is to position yourself as an expert and a source of valuable information, fresh real estate marketing ideas, and results-oriented marketing services.

A couple ways to do that is by enclosing helpful checklists, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about buying or selling a home, useful local resources for homeowners, and so on.

BTW… If you’re looking for letter-writing templates to help you get started with writing professional-sounding real estate marketing letters–including prospecting letters, introduction letters, FSBO letters, expired listing letters, referral letters, thank you letters, and much more–here are some templates worth checking out:*


Stay tuned to this blog for more real estate marketing ideas, direct mail tips, web marketing and much more.

I  also invite you to check out a handful of informative real estate marketing articles on my website, Marketing Survival Kit :

  1. Social Media Marketing Tactics for Real Estate Agents
  2. Tips on Writing Effective Real Estate Marketing Letters
  3. Seven Reasons Your Listing Is Still On the Market (and what to do about it)
  4. How to Attract More Real Estate Clients
  5. Post Card Marketing Strategies
  6. Ideas For Generating Real Estate Referrals

Looking for More Real Estate Marketing Ideas?

Becoming a Real Estate Agent




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The Quality of Your Prospecting Letters and Real Estate Flyers

 How advertising on Zillow has helped other real estate agents *
Depending on your age, you may remember how the concepts of Total Quality Management (TQM), the Asian philosophy of kaizen, and the overall idea of continuous improvement was so prevalent in the eighties and nineties. Even though they’re not the buzz words they once were, the wisdom behind these philosophies will never be obsolete. Whether you’re talking about real estate marketing, time management, or customer relationship management, it pays to periodically evaluate the quality, effectiveness, and value of the services you provide and what you’re doing to generate real estate leads, acquire clients, develop relationships, and close sales.

One simple thing you can do to increase your productivity and avoid spending hours and hours on writing real estate prospecting letters and creating professional-looking real estate flyers is to use high-quality marketing templates.

Below are (graphic) links to two real estate marketing websites I’m affiliated with that have created easy-to-use templates that can save you tons of time and help you look like a consummate professional when marketing your listings, your real estate services, and–most importantly–yourself. Both sites provide at least one free sample of their templates and, for a reasonable one-time fee, they enable you to instantly download an extensive set of either real estate marketing templates or real estate marketing letters that you can use over and over again. These templates will save you an immense amount of valuable time, enhance your image, and help you generate more business.  Important: In the unlikely event that you’re not totally satisfied with either template kit, it’s easy to get a refund during the 60-90 day trial period they offer. Check them out!

In addition to managing your time better and projecting a more professional image through the use of real estate marketing flyer templates and sales letter templates, here are a few other potential areas of quality improvement that could have a positive “ripple effect” on everything from lead generation and client acquisition to getting more real estate referrals and creating top-of-mind awareness:

  1. Return phone calls, e-mails, and text messages as promptly as possible. Making your clients feel as if they’re important to you and that you’re “on the ball” will make them more receptive and open to the idea of referring friends, relatives, and acquaintances to you to help them with their real estate needs.
  2. Think of yourself as “a work in progress.” In other words, make it your mission to continually improve and upgrade your knowledge, your marketing skills, the effectiveness of your sales presentations, your “people skills”, your attitude, and even your appearance.
  3. Be open to doing things in a new and better way. For example, if the results from your real estate postcard marketing campaigns are disappointing, then analyze and pinpoint the weaknesses of your postcard strategy, and then adjust your approach, accordingly, to produce more responses and leads. This e-book* will help.
  4. If your sales skills are rusty or less effective than you’d like them to be, check out the sales training, goal setting, letter-writing techniques, and motivational materials* below.

Above all, make sure you’re communicating with yourself in a positive way. Although it’s helpful to have people in your life who support your goals and encourage you, your most important source of motivation is yourself.

Contact me if you have any questions or comments about this blog or the products it features. –Joel (

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The Foundation of Any Successful Real Estate Marketing Plan

Drive Your Commissions Through The Roof!*
Wouldn’t it be nice if the secret of life really boiled down to just “one thing” as Curly, the character in the movie City Slickers, said it does. The big question is: Is there just one secret or does it vary according to one’s personal belief system and life experiences? Well, as Curly says in the movie, “That’s what you have to find out!” Therein lies the challenge to finding the key to success, happiness, and personal fulfillment.

When it comes to any kind of entrepreneurial pursuit, such as real estate marketing, three fundamental principles come to mind:

  1. If you believe in yourself, then others will tend to follow suit. Believing in yourself, like enthusiasm, is highly infectious. It makes other people believe in you, too. Why? Who knows! Maybe it’s the power of suggestion.
  2. Your point of power is in the present moment–not in the future and certainly not in the past. Sometimes the best guiding principle to keep in the top of your mind is “Just Do It!” It’s that simple yet brilliant slogan that Nike has emblazoned in our collective consciousness.
  3. “Persistence breaks down resistance”, especially when combined with faith, positive expectation, and effective sales presentation skills. Fine-tuning your sales techniques is one way to improve your closing ratio and acquire more clients.

When you dive into real estate marketing, or any other entrepreneurial endeavor, with a positive mental attitude–one that you cultivate on a daily basis–then you will be self-empowered to accomplish great things!



real estate marketing flyers templates Realtor marketing flyer templates


Note: All of the above digital products (templates, ebooks, informational products) are sold with an money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, you’ll receive a full refund, no questions asked.

*F.Y.I.: I am a compensated affiliate

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