Mistakes to Avoid With Real Estate Introduction Letters

Why do so many real estate agent introduction letters get tossed out or disregarding by prospective clients? Primarily, it’s a failure to connect with your prospect or identify with their pains, problems, or aspirations. If you put your ego in the driver’s seat when you sit down to write a letter of introduction, you will almost invariably end up on the wrong track.

Since the first thing you want to do in your real estate letter is to catch the attention of your prospect and arouse their interest, you probably do not want your opening line to be “Hello. I’m a new real estate agent in your neighborhood, and I’d like to take the opportunity to introduce myself and my services.” You gotta warm them up a little bit before jumping into the introduction part. Put yourself in the shoes of someone receiving the letter and try to imagine what their needs, expectations, and challenges are. There’s nothing drastically wrong with that introductory sentence, but it generally shouldn’t be the first thing your prospect reads when they open up your new agent introduction letter.

A better approach would be to begin your prospecting letter with a relevant question or compelling statement that would engage their interest and attention—especially a question that would cause elicit a “Yes!” response. Here are a few possible examples of that technique:

  1. “Have you been considering putting your house on the market, but aren’t sure if now is a good time?”
  2. “Thinking about selling your house, but don’t know where to turn for an effective real estate agent in town?”
  3. [Statement:] “Deciding to sell your house can be a difficult decision, especially if you don’t have an experienced real estate agent on your side to guide you through the process.”

Opening sentences like those can help draw your prospect into the introductory part of the letter because you’re starting out by addressing their thoughts, concerns, and goals. Instead of immediately talking about yourself, show that you identify with your prospects’ needs, wants, and point of view. That’s one of the first steps in establishing rapport, even if it’s in the form of a real estate introductory letter or email — as opposed to a telephone conversion or a face-to-face meeting.

For more examples and ideas about how to structure a well-written real estate intro letter or real estate prospecting letter, visit MyRealEstateLetters. The website features several free real estate marketing letter samples and also offers an entire letter-writing kit for real estate agents and Realtors® to purchase and download.

Note: These professional real estate marketing templates were developed by a well-established online company I’ve been affiliated with for the past ten years. The 300 real estate marketing templates included in the kit come with a no-risk, 90-day guarantee. If you don’t like them, you can get your money back–it’s that simple. Try them out and see for yourself what a time-saving and lead-generating real estate marketing tool it can be. These professionally written templates can quickly get you on the right track to generating more leads, inquiries, and referrals through the use of direct mail marketing and email marketing channels.

Helpful tip: It’s beneficial to personalize the real estate prospecting and introductory letters in the kit to fit your local target market and your own writing style. Also consider putting a “P.S.” at the end of the real estate letter to emphasize your availability, repeat your contact information, or invite your prospects to visit your website, blog, Facebook page, home-buyers’ seminar, upcoming open house, trade show exhibit, community event, local fundraising event, or other opportunity to meet them and discuss their real estate needs in person.


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Your Number One Marketing Objective as a Real Estate Agent

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I recently received an interesting marketing letter in the mail from a local real estate agent, who was apparently sending a brief letter to everyone in her farming area. It had some of the elements of an effective real estate marketing letter, but it missed the mark in several respects. If I was considering selling my house, this letter would have almost motivated me to call her. Why only “almost”? Here’s why: The letter focused exclusively on how fast one of her listings in the neighborhood went under contract and how many showings and offers the real estate listing generated. That was a good start, but there was at least one missing ingredient. She did not say anything about why I should choose her as my real estate agent.

What she did succeed in doing is convincing me that if I wanted to sell my house, now is the time because the demand is strong . I wasn’t familiar with the address she listed for the house she sold, but I assume it was nearby. If she inserted a photo of the house in the letter, it would have given her marketing message some added impact. (You know what they say about a picture being worth 1,000 words!) An even better way to drive the point home would be to enclose the real estate flyer she used to market the home, with the word “SOLD” stamped on the flyer.

To make a long story short… her real estate marketing letter was missing a crucial ingredient: She didn’t sell herself or provide alternative ways of contacting her; she only listed her cell phone number. The letter also failed to engage the prospect — in this case, me. It did arouse my curiosity about the local real estate market and the fact that that house sold in just 3 days, but it did not draw me in or prompt me to trust this real estate agent or, at least, learn more about her. Granted, I could have just looked her up on Google, but why should I have to jump through that hoop? Ideally, it should be effortless on the part of your prospects to get more information about you, your qualifications, and/or your real estate listings.

How could she have capitalized on the curiosity factor? One way would be to say something to the effect of: “For more details on why this home sold so quickly and how I can help you find the right buyer for your home, visit my blog (or website or Facebook page.) That statement could have even been placed at the end of the real estate marketing letter, in the form of a “P.S.” People tend to read post scripts. It’s a marketing device that has the potential to grab attention and trigger a response.

It also would have been a good idea for this agent to include her email address in the real estate marketing letter, since some people feel more comfortable inquiring via email rather than by picking up the phone and talking to a stranger. (They prefer more of a gradual approach to being drawn into a sales process.) By providing more choices to prospects for contacting you or getting more information, you’ll be, in effect, “casting a wider net” and improving your response rate to your direct mail campaigns, email marketing campaigns, and real estate marketing letters.

Here are two more missing elements which would have made the letter more compelling and persuasive:

  1. A glowing testimonial from the client whose house sold in less than a week
  2. A statement, slogan, or blurb that would help dispel hesitation and sales resistance to contacting this real estate agent–maybe something to the effect of: “By choosing me as your real estate agent, you get the benefit of my ten years of experience, my successful track record in local real estate sales, and my strong commitment to producing fast results for my clients.”

So what is this “number one marketing objective as a real estate agent” that I was referring to in the title of this blog post? Well, real estate marketing is probably too complex and multifaceted to single out just one most important thing, BUT the success factor that would consistently rank among the”top three” is effectively selling yourself . In many situations, that IS the most important thing. In real estate marketing, you always need to answer the unspoken question, “Why should I choose you to handle the marketing and negotiating of this extremely important transaction for me?” Accomplish that, and you’re more than half way to securing a new real estate client–and, hopefully, the resulting commission check!

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2014 End-of-Year Real Estate Marketing Reminders

I know that there are still 2½ months until the end of the year, but– let’s face it — that time is going to fly by pretty quickly… it always does! Why is the end of the year significant for real estate agents and Realtors®? The primary reason is that it’s an opportunity to establish or reinforce relationships with current or prospective clients.

In addition to sending out holiday cards and 2015 calendars, here’s another thing to consider: The end of the year may be a time of re-evaluation and reflection for some people. With a new year just around the corner, some of your clients and real estate prospects are going to be asking themselves and their spouses life-changing questions, such as the following:

  1. “With more kids on the way, should we be looking for a bigger house?”
  2. “Now that our kids are almost ready for grade school, should we be considering moving to a better school district?”
  3. “Now that our kids are grown up and out on their own, do we still need such a huge, expensive house?”
  4. “Maybe, this year, we should look around for a new house with an in-law apartment, so we don’t have to send mom/dad to a nursing home.”
  5. “I wonder if there are any income properties or duplexes we could purchase to increase our cash flow and beef-up our retirement savings.”

That’s just a small sampling of the questions and issues people may be thinking about as we approach 2015. Staying in touch with prospects/clients and asking your own questions are key to bringing some of these “hidden” real estate sales opportunities to the surface. It’s just a matter of finding out what people’s aspirations, problems, and goals are, and then offering a solution tailored to their needs.

Getting your message out in front of the right people at the right time can take a lot of finesse, persistence, and creativity, but those qualities are among the fundamental requirements of being a successful real estate agent* or Realtor®.

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Get Better Results From Your Real Estate Prospecting Letters

Here are seven tips for improving your direct mail response rate and the overall results you get from sending out real estate prospecting letters. Most of these ideas pertain to e-mail marketing letters, too. One of the main differences is that with e-mail marketing, you need to have an enticing subject line, rather than an envelope blurb, to get your prospects to read the message.

  1. Make your real estate prospecting letter visually inviting by breaking up the appearance of your message with paragraphs, bold headings, white space, and bulleted lists and selling points. Avoid excessive use of exclamation points (!!!), underlining, hard-to-read fonts, or large print (unless your primary audience is over 65). Also: A good rule of thumb is: “Don’t say something in 300 words if you can get the same message across in 250 words or less.” Although a couple introductory sentences are appropriate, you don’t want your prospects to start thinking “Get to the point, already! (Once that happens, you’ve lost them.)
  2. Consider starting your real estate prospecting letter with a question. Questions tend to engage your prospect and draw them in to the main body of the letter, but only if the question addresses their needs, concerns, or objectives. Another attention-getting way to start a real estate marketing letter is with a compelling statement. (Here’s an example of that technique in an earlier blog post I wrote.)
  3. Get more people to open the envelop by printing a “teaser” on the outside that will arouse their curiosity or appeal to their desire for something free. Here are a few potential ideas to consider from a previous post.
  4. Do not write a real estate prospecting letter until you determine what your unique selling proposition is. One of the cornerstones of an effective marketing message is a clear-cut USP. To stand out from the crowd of other real estate agents and Realtors® in your market, it’s necessary to offer advantages and compelling reasons to choose you as their listing or buyer’s agent.
  5. Always add a “P.S.” to your real estate prospecting letters. Why, you ask? Because it catches the attention of your prospects and it gives you another opportunity to include a “call for action”, a personalized invitation (“join me for a cup of coffee”, “attend my open house this Sunday”, “register for our free seminar for first-time home buyers, ” etc.)
  6. Enclose something that might be of interest to your prospects, such as an open house flyer, a real estate newsletter, an inexpensive calendar, an invitation, a money-saving opportunity, an informative fact-sheet for home buyers or sellers, a limited-time offer, or some other creative enclosure that your prospect will save, use, or refer to. (Here are a few ideas from a previous post.)
  7. If you find yourself staring at a blank computer screen while trying to compose a persuasive real estate prospecting letter, consider purchasing a set of inexpensive real estate marketing letter templates.

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The Secret to Successful Real Estate Marketing

If there was one secret to successful real estate marketing, it would be have the ability to think like a client– to put yourself in their shoes. When you think like a client, you tune in to what your prospects and clients want (and do not want).

When you keep the following real estate marketing tips in mind, you’ll not only develop a better rapport with your clients, but you’ll also do a better job of establishing credibility and lowering sales resistance. By learning to strike a balance between masterful salesmanship and empathy, you can realize more of your potential as a Realtor® or real estate agent. Some of these real estate marketing tips are common-sense real estate marketing ideas, while others may seem more counterintuitive.

  • Establish and maintain visibility in your community and within your real estate farming area. There are dozens of ways to accomplish this, many of which are free or inexpensive. High visibility can include everything from being active in the community to creating a strong Internet presence.
  • Continually increase your knowledge of real estate marketing techniques, the local real estate market, and the steps involved in a real estate closing. The more you know, the more confidence you’ll radiate and the more trust you’ll earn from your clients and prospects. It also pays to gain a working knowledge of/and a comfort level with social media marketing techniques. The operative phrase here is “a working knowledge.” Spending too much time with social media marketing can take away from vital activities like real estate marketing, client relationship management, and so on.
  • In your written communications to clients and prospects — whether it’s real estate marketing letter, an advertisement, or a hand-written note — focus on specific benefits and advantages clients will receive, rather than talking too much about you and your attributes. People do want to know that you’re qualified, knowledgeable, experienced, and personable, but they mostly want to hear about how you can solve their problems, make their lives easier, and help them accomplish their real estate goals, whether it involves selling a home or buying one.
  • To develop an effective integrated real estate marketing strategy, consider blending a variety of cost-effective techniques into your marketing plan, including real estate letters of introduction, real estate marketing flyers, email marketing, and postcard marketing.

If you have relevant comments, success stories, real estate marketing ideas, or lead generation tips you’d like to share, you’re welcome to post a comment.

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How to Generate Leads With Real Estate Prospecting Letters

Learn Effective Postcard Marketing Strategies to Generate More Real Estate Leads *

Knowing and accepting the fact that real estate prospecting is a “numbers game” can put you in the right state of mind for pursuing different methods of generating real estate leads. Whether you’re sending out real estate prospecting letters, doing a postcard marketing campaign, or sending announcements to your e-mail subscribers, you need to be getting your message in front of as many qualified prospects as possible (on a regular basis).

Real estate prospecting letters can be a valuable element of your overall marketing plan if you can accomplish the following objectives:

  • Reach a sufficient number of qualified prospects
  • Get them to open the envelope before it makes its way to the recycling bin
  • Catch their attention at the beginning of the real estate prospecting letter
  • Make a connection with prospects by asking them relevant questions in the letter or mentioning problems that you can help them solve.
  • Establish credibility as a real estate agent or Realtor®
  • Prompt your prospective clients to take some sort of action. Obviously the most desirable action for them to take would be to pick up the phone and call you, but there are a variety of other responses that could be mutually beneficial. In a real estate prospecting letter—or almost any other form of real estate marketing—it often pays to offer a variety of choices for contacting you or learning more about your real estate listings and services. While some people are comfortable making a phone call, others might prefer sending an e-mail, text message, or communicating via social media platforms. One possible incentive for contacting you might be to request a free 2015 wall calender (Now is the time to order them if you haven’t done so already), Encouraging people to check out your latest blog post could be another way to engage them and build your credibility. To encourage prospects to visit your blog, make sure the title of the post piques their interest and relates to a topic many people are interested in.

Those are a few ideas to consider for generating more leads through the use of real estate prospecting letters.

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I appreciate your interest!


BTW… Here are some marketing tools, ebooks, and websites I’m affiliated with that will provide you with useful marketing templates, real estate marketing tips, and/or examples of professional real estate marketing letters, real estate flyers, and real estate agent ads:

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*All the above-mentioned products I’m affiliated with come with money-back guarantees to assure your complete satisfaction with them, and to eliminate any potential risk from  purchasing them.

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Creative Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Coming up with creative marketing ideas and putting them into action can be a catalyst for attracting more clients and differentiating yourself from other real estate professionals in your market. While not every creative real estate marketing idea is going to be a game changer, approaching marketing from a unique angle can give you a strong competitive edge in the marketplace.

Using the same marketing techniques as everyone else in town can still generate some real estate leads and increase your visibility and name recognition, but it may not get as much traction as using marketing strategies that are more unique, original, and creative.

Cultivating an awareness of what’s going on, in terms of local events, special occasions, and news is a good starting point for identifying opportunities for creative real estate marketing.

The news story in my community that gave me the idea for this blog post, this morning, was the fact that our local high school was designated as one of the top high schools in America by Newsweek Magazine. This type of national recognition presents a couple potential public relations and marketing opportunities for real estate agents in this area.

Obviously having one of the top high schools in the nation in your backyard is a great selling point when marketing real estate, but it can also be used as a tactic to draw positive attention to you as a local real estate agent. Here are a couple potential marketing ideas off the top of my head that you could use to tie in with positive community news, such as having your high school designated as one of the best in the country (for preparing students for college):

  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper congratulating the high school on its accomplishments and expressing your pride at being part of a school district that fosters excellence (or something to that effect). Whether or not you decide to mention that you’re a local real estate agent in the letter is up to you, but, either way, you’re still getting your name in front of a lot of people in a positive way. Key ingredients to doing this strategy effectively would include genuine sincerity and a degree of subtlety. If it smacks of self promotion, then any potential public relations benefits that could accrue to you would probably be negated.
  • Write a blog post and/or article on your website about the recognition your school district has received and the overall desirability of raising a family in your city or community. From an SEO standpoint, you might even consider including frequently searched-for keywords in your title and the body of your article, such as “Best Places to Live in [fill in your state].” In addition to possibly getting some local exposure, you could also potentially reel in real estate prospects from other areas of the country looking to relocate to your city or region.

One of the secrets to coming up with creative real estate marketing ideas is to pay attention to local news–especially “soft news”– and publicly recognize or participate in positive things happening in your community. An even better idea would be to initiate, organize, and publicize a local fund drive, charitable event, or awareness-raising campaign for a worthy cause. That way, people in need get helped and your public image as a local real estate professional gets a boost. That’s a prime example of a “win-win” situation.

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